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 Travel Insurance Quote Request 

Thank you for your travel insurance inquiry!  There are 2 types of "travel insurance" plans and details are below.

1. Trip Protection Cancellation & Interruption Insurance:

  • Financial protection for pre-paid trip expenses, that are subject to cancellation fees. Provides coverage for specific reasons.
  • Covers medical expenses, emergency evacuations, trip expenses, personal possessions, 24-hour travel assistance services.
  • Ideal for vacation coverage and trips that are in the future
  • Optional "Cancellation For Any Reason (CFAR)" benefit: Provides a 75% reimbursement when you cancel your trip for a non-covered reason. (e.g. COVID-19, civil unrest).
  • Available for travel in the USA or abroad.

2. Travel Medical Insurance:

  • Covers medical expenses, emergency medical evacuations, 24-hour travel assistance services.
  • Only available for travel abroad.

Please complete the below form and we will provide customized quotes for your review.

Product Quote Request:
Complete the below for all Travel Insurance quotes:
Complete the below if wanting a quote for Trip Cancellation & Protection insurance
Include in your Trip Cost: all prepaid trip costs that have cancellation fees/penalties. Examples: flights - tours - cruises - hotels

* Total Trip Cost: Include pre-paid and non-refundable costs that you would lose if you had to cancel or interrupt your trip. Include trip expenses that have a partial refund from the travel supplier.  DO NOT include travel expenses that you incure after trip departure.

** Initial Trip Deposit Date: This is the earliest date that you made a trip deposit or payment that would be applicable to the above "Trip Cost Basis" definition