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 Coronavirus Update 

Travel / Trip Insurance

TRIP PROTECTION INSURANCE:  The Worldwide Protector Plus product from Travel Insured International covers trip related expenses (flights, tours, cruises, etc.) as well as medical and evacuation expenses.  Due to COVID-19, it is highly recommended that you purchase Worldwide Protector Plus that includes the CANCEL FOR ANY REASON (CFAR) benefit.  All Trip Protection plans have a list of "Covered Reasons" and cancelling a trip (and expecting a refund from the insurance company) due to a concern about traveling to an affected country...IS NOT a covered reason.  If you purchase Worldwide Protector Plus and cancel your trip prior to departure, due to your concern about the virus, then you will be eligible to receive up to a 75% reimbursement for your pre-paid trip expenses, that are subject to cancellation fees & penalties.  Other covered reasons are at the 100 - 150% reimbursement level.

TRAVEL MEDICAL INSURANCE:  The low-cost Voyager Choice product from GeoBlue BlueCross BlueShield covers medical and evacuation expenses. Coverage of COVID-19 testing and treatment, at no additional cost.  Ideal for international leisure, missionary or business travel.  

Expat Medical Insurance

If you are traveling to or living in a country that has been affected by the Coronavirus then it is highly recommended that you purchase a policy that includes coverage for the Coronavirus, including testing and medical care.

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